Client Reviews

"I just wanted to tell you how I am feeling after the clearing and ultrasound. After the clearing on Thursday I felt so relaxed and going to work I didn't have any anxiety. I feel really good and more calm. I'm also not as anxious or worried. The ultrasound with my bad knee has helped. It doesn't bother me has much and I don't have that much pain either. Thank you for helping me with everything."

-Jessica R., Bradenton, FL

"I couldn't believe it-- I came in crying and felt so good when I left that I took myself out to dinner! "

-Barbara F, Bradenton, FL

"I had pain for 19 years, and it’s now all gone. We tell people you are the miracle worker."

-Patricia P., Bradenton, FL

"Ilena is that rare practitioner who's unsatisfied with any result that doesn't at least approach a breakthrough."

-Alan M, Bradenton, FL

"I’ve learned more from you in one hour than I've learned from all my doctors for thirty years. "

-Liz V., St Pete, FL

"I had a follow up appt scheduled after my first session with Ilena, but I still felt good enough a week later that I postponed it! "

- Vivian T. Bradenton, FL

"I wanted you to know how much I appreciated my session with you today. I have not had the pain and burning feeling since I left your office this afternoon. You are a gem and a very lovely person. I will certainly be in touch."


"Thank you so much for the treatment hour today. I still feel very good on all levels. Was having lunch earlier and was just beaming at everything around me. Thank You! Big hug! "

-Irina M, St. Pete, FL

"Ilena is a treasure!  She is a genius at what she does and is such a kind, wonderful person.  Whenever I have any discomfort, Ilena knows exactly what to do so that any discomfort disappears almost as if by magic.   She is fabulous.  I highly recommend her whether you’re just looking for a relaxing massage, or whether you’re looking to alleviate pain you may have had for years.  She is awesome!"

Valentina G.

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