The pain is now all gone.

"I had pain for 19 years, and it’s now all gone. We tell people you are the miracle worker."

-Patricia P., Bradenton, FL

Came in crying, left feeling good.

"I couldn't believe it-- I came in crying and felt so good when I left that I took myself out to dinner! "

-Barbara F, Bradenton, FL

Thank you for helping me with everything.

"I just wanted to tell you how I am feeling after the clearing and ultrasound. After the clearing on Thursday I felt so relaxed and going to work I didn't have any anxiety. I feel really good and more calm. I'm also not as anxious or worried. The ultrasound with my bad knee has helped. It doesn't bother me has much and I don't have that much pain either. Thank you for helping me with everything."

-Jessica R., Bradenton, FL

Learned more from Ilena, than from all my doctors.

"I’ve learned more from you in one hour than I've learned from all my doctors for thirty years. "

- Liz V., St Pete, FL


"Ilena is that rare practitioner who's unsatisfied with any result that doesn't at least approach a breakthrough."

- Alan M, Bradenton, FL

Pain is gone since I left your office.

"I wanted you to know how much I appreciated my session with you today. I have not had the pain and burning feeling since I left your office this afternoon. You are a gem and a very lovely person. I will certainly be in touch."

- Anonymous
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